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India Packers, the India’s largest packing-moving, relocation assistance and storage company, provides a large portfolio of services to a different range of customers and clients

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India Packers is a global relocation provider, which includes independently owned and established relocation service providers, each of which have a team of experts in the field.

Pet Moving Services

You don’t have to leave your furred and feathered friends behind or during relocation. We understand that your pet is an important part of your family. India Packers can transport your pets safely and securely to your new home, making sure they receive the special attention they deserve along the way. When it comes to pet relocation, a personalized approach and specialized care is required so that your flurry friend feel safe and secure on their journey to a new location. While moving pets, there are several details that need to be taken care of.

The procedure and paper work to move your pets can be cumbersome and complicated. India Packers, we have been done pet moving for many years. Our specialist team take care and ensure a hassle-free move for your pet. And they are very well-versed in the complex, constantly changing world of pet relocation, keeping up-to-date with regulations set by airlines, government agencies, industry bodies, etc.

We follow a personalized approach in the pet relocation process through a mix of specialized care and attention. To make the process of relocating stress free for the pet as well as the pet owner, we meticulously take care of every point, from immunization to making the pet ready for the move. From dogs and cats to horses and hamsters, we help in moving all kinds of animals and have become one of the most trusted relocation partners in India and abroad for our clients.

Our services include:

Pre-departure health checks, certificates and veterinary documentation

Provision of IATA approved containers or kennels

Boarding prior to departure

Coordinating with airlines and booking the pet on the best available route

Customs clearance upon arrival

Coordinating with our destination partners to arrange pickup of pet at destination

Round the clock support when pet is in transit

Door to Door moving of your pet

Quarantine services

If you any concern regarding pet relocation, contact us at info@indiapackers.com or call us at 180030005315.

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